Current Stock - Zither/Lap Harps
All zithers are $65 regardless of the wood

If you want all the information about my zithers, more tune packets and accessories, go to the main zither page before you select your zither below. Make sure you include the stock # in your order. Most of the instruments are not strung up. What you see and select is what you will get but with strings of course.

Note: This list is not connected to a shopping cart.

  • The inventory # and description is under each zither pictured.
#2 Redwood Cherry Cherry
#7 Cedar Walnut Walnut
#8 Redwood Cherry Cherry
#9 Redwood Walnut Lacewood
#13 Redwood Mahogany Birdseye Maple
#16 Cedar Walnut Walnut
#17 Cedar Walnut Walnut
#18 Redwood Mahogany Birdseye Maple
#20 Redwood Mahogany Mahogany
#21 Cedar Curly Walnut Curly Walnut
#22 Redwood Walnut Lacewood
#10 Redwood Mahogany Curly Maple
#14 Redwood Mahogany Curly Maple
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