Zither/Lap Harp Accessories

Zither Case

This Two Octave Zither or Lap Harp padded carrying case is made of durable heavy duty nylon. The case has a handle, a shoulder strap and a exterior zippered pocket for the tune cards, tuning wrench and pick. ĘThis case will fit most zithers and lap harps accommodating any dimension up to 15" wide and 16" from top to bottom. Black only

$25 shipping $10

Zither Stand

Designed to hold the instrument in a upright position which means you can leave the instrument on display. This instrument has a redwood soundboard and the star like soundhole design. Wood used for the face plate will vary.

$15 shipping $10

shipping costs

Shown clipped to pins. You would move it once to tune the whole instrument

Cherub Electronic Tuner

  • Compact size with 360 degree rotating display

  • Operates as a clip-on or free-standing tuner (Dual Mode) in other words it can be a mic or read the vibrations directly off the instrument

  • Lighted LCD display turns to green when string is in tune but also has a "needle" to indicated when you are getting close

  • You can set the calibration of A from A=430HZ to A=450HZ

  • Works for all acoustic instruments

  • Battery included

  • Automatic battery shutoff

Price $20 plus $3 shipping


Extra Tuning Wrench

The instrument comes with the small flat tuning wrench (the one pictured on the right) but you may need to replace the one that got lost, you want a spare or you want to upgrade. All of them fit a tuning pin with a square head measuring .16 inches.

  • Large Gooseneck $22 - $3 shipping

  • T-Handle $16 - $3 shipping

  • Small Gooseneck $8- $3 shipping

  • Flat Wrench $3 - $3 shipping

Extra Strings

  • a set of spare strings $5 shipping $3

Extra Picks

  • $1 a piece shipping $1

Zither Study Guide
I've put together a two page PDF geared to teachers who would like to use the zither as a short lesson in the anatomy of a musical instrument, woods, and acoustics. You are welcome to download this and modify it for your needs and reproduce it as long as you give me credit. Download it here
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