James Jones Two Octave - Zither/Lap Harp - Current Stock

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  • Tuning wrench
  • Owner's Manual/Tuning Chart
  • 14 Tune Cards
  • Blank composer sheet
  • Pick
  • 15 string zither
    These instruments are also called lap harps or plucked psalteries.

  • Tuning is two octaves in the Key of G. The lowest G on this instrument is the next G above middle C

  • Easy to play with tune cards (see photo below)

  • All solid wood construction.
    These instruments are not constructed of ply and they are made by me in my shop in Virginia.

  • Their size is 13 1/2" X 6 3/4" X 2"

  • The back and sides of my zithers can be Walnut, Cherry, or Mahogany. The soundboard (the front of the instrument) usually is either Redwood, Spruce, Mahogany or Cedar. Some of my instruments are available with Curly or Birdseye Maple in the sides (see photo below). These instruments usually have soundboards of Redwood and backs of either Mahogany, Cherry or Oak. I maintain a list of zithers in stock for your convenience so you can order or reserve specific instruments.

  • I always have plenty of zithers in stock and ready to ship.

Walnut sides Cherry
Curly Maple


  • Please indicate lst and 2nd wood choices with soundhole preference (either the star or comet ). The instrument at the top has a star like soundhole and a spruce soundboard, the one below a redwood soundboard with the comet like soundhole.

  • Sound quality is consistent for all instruments. Since the instrument is so small there isn't a lot of difference between the different woods.

  • Easy to learn and play tunes. You just pluck the string that lies over a dot and follow the line of dots from left to right.

  • A great starter instrument for children or adults!

  • Good to play in the car while traveling.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

  • PS - You can add cutting boards to your order and not incur any additional shipping charges

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