Thumb Pianos - Current Stock
This Thumb Piano has a Curly Maple top with Cherry back and sides and Cherry bridge

Influenced by African traditional designs, my octave and a half 11 tone pianos are easy to play. Individual tones are produced by your thumbs pressing down on different lengths of spring steel. If you'd like to see a video of a thumb piano click here. You'll need the Quicktime plug-in for your browser.

My thumb pianos are tuned to the key of G and have two vibrato holes. Tuning can be adjusted by moving the metal pieces forward or back. The pianos can be very effectively amplified by placing a contact transducer on the back of the instrument. Their size is approximately 6" X 9" X 2". See current stock

My Thumb Pianos are tuned D3 - G4

All Thumb Pianos regardless of the woods are $68 plus $10 shipping

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