Appalachian Dulcimer Cases and Electronic Tuner

Hardshell Dulcimer  Case

Laminated 3 ply wood shell with black Durahyde exterior, steel reinforced joints, heavy duty brass hardware, comfort grip handle and brass skids on bottom. Plush inner lining covers 1" foam padding.
Both cases weigh 10 lbs.

A quality case providing excellent protection. You could fly with this case. Only available in black

Model D-5 Fits up to 36" dulcimer, 8" lower bout, 6 1/2" upper bout, 3 3/4" deep. This model has an accessory/ interior compartment (see photo below) and fits my dulcimers. It is the recommended case if you can afford it.

Model D-10 Fits up to 40" dulcimer, 10" lower bout, 7" upper bout, 4" deep. Does not have an accessory/interior compartment.

Price $115 plus shipping (cost depends on where you live)


Sidewall Dulcimer Case

Durable heavy duty nylon carrying case with 3/4 inch padding, black plush lined, hand grip and backpacker straps, and zippered exterior storage pocket can hold books. Fits dulcimers with dimensions up to 39" long, 9" wide. Brown with tan trim.

Model D-7
Price $45 each plus $12 shipping



Cherub Electronic Tuner
  • Compact size with 360 degree rotating display

  • Operates as a clip-on or free-standing tuner (Dual Mode) in other words it can be a mic or read the vibrations directly off the instrument

  • Lighted LCD display turns to green when string is in tune but also has a "needle" to indicated when you are getting close

  • You can set the calibration of A from A=430HZ to A=450HZ

  • Works for all acoustic instruments

  • Battery included

  • Automatic battery shutoff

Price $20 plus $3 shipping

On an Appalachian Dulcimer you would clamp it to the peghead