"Cordia alliodora" Sought for its great beauty and ease of working, bocote is in great demand for boat decking, fine cabinetry, fine furniture, decorative and figured veneer, moldings, inlay work, joinery, and turnery. Bocote is sometimes used as a substitute for mahogany, teak or walnut. Bocote is a particularly fine, beautiful wood, with colors varying from light to golden brown and variegated irregular markings. It has an attractive ray fleck figure if quartersawn. Bocote is a strong lustrous wood, with medium and uniform texture and straight or shallowly interlocked grain. Woodworking properties include being easy to workwith, responds well to both hand and machine tools, is easily glued, and takes nails and screws well. It also polishes to a smooth finish, and stains and glues well. Bocote's bending strength is comparable to teak, and compression strength is comparable to mahogany. It is highly resistant to insects.

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