The Indian Santoor
The following photos are of existing Indian Santoors. The first is the instrument owned and played by Nitin Pandit. It was built by Mela Singh.
The photos below are of an Indian Santoor owned and played by Kamaljeet Ahluwalia. The maker of this Santoor is Shri Mela Singh from Ludhiana, Punjab (India). You can see the process of building a 16/15 Indian Santoor with similar characteristics here.
Shot from front
From tuning pin side
Interior shots through sound hole
Lower right corner with tuning pins
Aerial view showing chessman style bridges
View from back showing sound hole and bridges

Traditional Santoor Chessman Bridge.
The height of the bridge is 3.6cm (1.42")
Diameter of base 2.4 cm (.944")
Width and thickness of bone top 1 cm x 0.3 cm (.39" X .119")

This bridge is broken, that's why it is leaning to one side..