• Loving wood as I do I enjoy using every piece of it in some way, so I've turned much of my smaller stock into custom cutting, bread and cheese boards. Lots of folks like the clean Scandinavian look of my boards (guess my ethnicity is showing) and every one of them is unique.

  • The greater percentage of these boards are of walnut or cherry with curly and birdseye maple, paduak, cocobolo, sycamore, lacewood and other woods thrown in for spice. Each board is unique. I rarely repeat myself. All the boards are thinner than most boards which make them light and easy to haul around. Thicknesses vary from 1/2 inch to 3/8".

  • The boards are all finished with mineral oil which can be renewed at any time. They are really beautiful but meant to be used. They can be resanded and reoiled.

  • The size of the board follows the price and #. You are buying what you see.

  • Each board includes a small sheet that gives you proper care instructions.

  • I am currently not able to offer custom sized boards. The only boards available are the ones on the web

    photos of all boards

Purchasing cutting boards


Please list the stock numbers ($15-3) of boards you'd like to purchase. If you are sending an order in with check, email the list. I will reserve them until payment arrives.

  • Total the charges up
  • Add 5.3% or 6% tax if you live in Virginia (this depends on what part of VA).
  • Shipping is $8 regardless of the size of your order. Shipping is free if items are included with an instrument order.

If you want a board shipped to a friend, place your order as you would normally do indicating where you'd like it shipped. I can include a note if you'd like.

Method of Payment

  • Check - Payable to JAMES JONES INSTRUMENTS. A check or money order is my preferred method of payment. It means I don't have to share my profits with credit card companies.

  • Credit Card or Paypal - Pay the total plus shipping on my ordering info page.

  • Orders are usually shipped within 48 hours unless we're out of stock
  • Guaranteed replacement of defective merchandise. Please return stating the problem.
  • If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase you may return it. You have one week to make that decision. Shipping costs are still your responsibility though.

  • If you have questions please contact me.