Current Stock - Links

This page has a list of links to instruments I currently have available. I try to keep listings up to date.The links to the left will take you to inventory pages. For more information about each type of instrument, make sure you visit those pages accessible through my home page. If I indicate an instrument is nearly done that means I will need to spend some more time to complete the instrument. I often bring instruments to a point and than get other work and won't finish them until somebody actually puts a deposit down. E-mail or call me if you have questions on what you are considering. If you don't get a response within a day or so, try again as your piece of mail may have been gobbled up by my junk filter. I can't provide photos of nearly done instruments (unless it just lacks strings) but I do post photos of completed instruments. I will hold an instrument until I receive a check if you indicate by email which instrument you'd like to purchase. Contact me immediately as instruments usually don't stay long. Don't forget about accessories,

Visiting my shop

You are always welcome to visit my shop to try out any of my instruments. Just call or send an E-mail with a date and time you'd like to stop by. Evenings and weekends are possible but obviously need to be scheduled. I do have a small showroom and try to keep the instruments in tune. It helps to specify the type and size instrument you are interested in. That way I can make sure those instruments are ready.

If you don't see something that fits your needs please contact me for a custom order. The price is usually the same. The only difference is you will have to wait a little longer as I'll need to start from scratch.

I offer cutting boards if you are interested in something different. No extra shipping charges on the boards, potholders or instrument accessories if your selection can be put in the box. They make great gifts.