Hammered Dulcimer Stands
I offer three methods of supporting your instrument, two different sizes of the very portable and light scissors stands, finished wooden adjustable stands and the Dusty Strings Tri-Stander or Flat-Stander support system. I also recommend you check out the Music Stands.These music holders will work with all my stands.

Finished Hammered Dulcimer Adjustable Stands - $245 plus shipping

These finished hammered dulcimer stands are fully adjustable for either sit down or stand up play using threaded knobs. You can also adjust the angle of play. (Walnut shown in photos)

Stands are available in finished Walnut, Cherry and Maple
For increased stability, the stand includes a Stabilizing Bar of matching wood which gives you added stability, especially in crowded environments where your instrument might get bumped or you are using dampers. If you need to reposition your stand, the Stabilizing Bar makes it simple to do with the dulcimer on the stand, without fear of the legs widening or closing.

The height in the down position is 22 1/2" in front and 29" in back. In the fully upright position the front is 33 1/2" off the ground and 42" in the back. Width at the front with the bar on is 25", and depth is 23". Weight of stand is around 10 lbs

All Stands are $245 and include the stabilizing bar. ($40 - $45 Shipping)

Scissors Stands - $75 (Sit-Down or Stand-Up versions) ($20 - $30 Shipping, Free if shipped with dulcimers)
These inexpensive stands are suitable for my smaller dulcimers. They are made of unfinished pine, There are two versions of this style of stand; the Sit-Down or Stand-Up. The major drawbacks to these stands is they are not adjustable and they aren't as stable but they are light, portable and inexpensive.
Stand shown with 15/14 Student with 1" string spacing

The Sit-Down version weighs 3 lbs, folded up it is 3" X 36" X2". The distance from the underside of a 12/11 dulcimer to the ground is 28 1/2". From the underside of the front, the distance would be 23"

The Stand-Up version weighs 4 1/2 lbs, folded up it is 3" X 44" X2". The distance from the underside of a 12/11 dulcimer to the ground is 37". From the underside of the front, the distance would be 31 1/2"

Dusty Strings Tri-Stander - $315 (Dusty Strings Owner's Sheet)

This professional quality system is fully adjustable, extremely portable, and securely holds your dulcimer in any playing situation. Telescoping black aluminum legs (adjustable in length from 15" to 47") thread into three black-finished cast-aluminum brackets which can be screwed to the back of any hammered dulcimer. Adjust the legs individually to change the tilt or level of the instrument and you are guaranteed a comfortable and secure stance, even on non-level surfaces. Brackets project 1 3/4" from the back of the instrument. System weighs approx. 3 lbs. and comes with screws and easy mounting instructions. The legs can be carried in the pocket of your case or you can order custom cases from other suppliers whoe can build areas of the case dedicated to carrying the legs.

Excellent support for larger instruments and perfect for instruments with dampers. You can install the brackets yourself if you able to drill pilot holes and turn a screw driver.

$14 shipping

Just the 3 brackets are $127. Just the 3 legs $205

Music Stands for Tri-Standers

Above photo shows attached Tri-Stander brackets.
Dusty Strings Flat-Standerª - $315 plus $14 shipping
For those who want their dulcimer to be flatter when they are playing, the Flat-Stander Support System is the answer. Based on the very popular Tri-Stander system, it accommodates the growing number of performers who find it either more comfortable or more "showy" to have the dulcimer closer to parallel to the floor. It can even be set to tilt the dulcimer slightly forward, which gives the audience a great view of the action.

The Flat-Stander system weighs approximately 3 lbs. and comes with screws and easy mounting instructions. If you are switching over from the Tri-Stander, you can order just the Flat-Stander brackets, which can be installed using the same screw holes. The legs are the same for both systems. The brackets themselves are of wood.
Brackets project about 3/4" from the back of the instrument.
Above photo shows attached Flat-Stander brackets. They are of wood.