Hammered Dulcimer Cases
I do have some soft cases available. Email me to determine what I have in stock. If I don't have a case, I recommended the custom case builder Coon Hollow Canvas. Coon Hollow has all of my patterns. If not, I will provide a pattern to the casemaker. You will be responsible for the transaction. My preference is that the case you order be shipped to me prior to completion of your instrument so I have something to protect your instrument during shipment.

If you order an instrument that has dampers and the tri-stander, you'll definitely need a custom case. Coon Hollow can provide a case that will accomodate the pedal, legs, other accessories and the depth of such an instrument.
Soft Cases
Cases I offer are made by a US company to fit my hammered dulcimers which are asymmetrical . The only color availabe is a green Cordura surrounding a rigid foam with a green nylon velvet lining. Each case has a full pocket for accessories and a shoulder strap for ease of carrying. These cases have a 10 year warranty.
My case price is $135
shipping $20-30
ordered with an instrument, there would be no shipping charged.
EXPO Flight Cases
If you order a soft case, you might want to consider getting an EXPO Flight Case to accomodate your instrument in its soft case. EXPO Flight Cases usually can be had in 2 weeks. Click on the link to get specific info.
Flight Case for 3/16/15/8
If you have or are purchasing a 3/16/15/8 Travel Chromatic with 7/8" string spacing, you may want to check out what Sarah Garland has done to modify a ATA double bow case. It made any excellent case for travelling on a plane Click here