Folk Harps

I offer four sizes: a 23-string Travel Harp from a high C to one note below middle C (B), a 30-string Irish is A-G, a 32-string Mid-Size C-G, and a 36-string Full-Size C-C. My nylon strung harps are adapted from traditional folk harps. They are designed to take into account the latest in contemporary improvements making my harps easy to play and beautiful to listen to.

Current Stock

Size and Weight

The 23 String Travel Harp is 10 3/4" wide at base of soundboard, 20 1/2" wide and 32" high with a weight of 9 lbs without levers.

The 30 String Celtic Harp is 13" wide at base of soundboard, 26" wide and 39 1/2" high with weight of 15 lbs without sharping levers or the weight and height of the detachable stand. The stand adds 9 1/2".

The 32 String Mid-Size is 15 1/4" wide at base of soundboard and 28" wide and 52" high including the attached legs. The weight is approx. 18 lbs

The 36 String Full-Size is 15 1/4" wide at base of soundboard and 30 1/2" wide.The instrument is 54" high. Weight is approx. 22 lbs.


All harps have either tapered or threaded tuning pins, brass or threaded stop pins, a tuning wrench, and an Owner's Manual. Sharping levers are extra. Strings are custom made for your harp and are designed to optimize tone. String spacing is 3 5/8" for the first octave. The 36 string is 20" across the string band. Tension is relatively stiff; close to a concert harp on both the 32 and 36. Tension is a bit lighter in the 30 string Celtic. Finish may be a satin poly or oil depending on your preference. The poly finish is more durable and has more sheen as it is a surface finish. The oil is less durable more matte but more easily repaired.

All my harps are made of solid wood. There is no ply. The soundboard can be of Sitka or Engelmann Spruce or Redwood. The Neck and Pillor can be of solid Maple, Cherry or Walnut. I also can create combinations of woods such as plain Maple in the core faced with Birdseye Maple,Curly Maple or any other exotic woods (see wood selection area). This is the laminated option. Back and Sides of the Soundbox generally match the Neck and Pillor. Trim can be Ebony, Rosewood, Paduak, Bubinga, etc. at no extra cost. Construction of the neck transition to the body is the same on either the 32 or 36 string model. The 23 and 30 string are constructed differently (see photos). The 30 string is a small portable harp with a detachable matching stand which still has a full playing range. I now offer a staved back as an option on the larger harps.

Flip-up sharping levers are available for all or some of the strings. If you are primarily going to be playing in the keys of C, G, and D, then levers for the C and F strings will be sufficient. Pricing is per lever installed.

The 36 string and 32 string have attached legs that bring the instrument up to comfortable playing height relative to chairs or stools. The detachable stand (9 1/2" high) included with the 30 string Celtic brings the instrument up to roughly the same height as the larger instruments. (More info on 30 string Celtic)

Also available from my shop are electronic tuners and effective ways to amplify your harp.

Ordering Information

I require a $200 non-refundable deposit to get started. Please indicate your choice of woods and number of sharping levers. I do not offer cases for my harps but can make referrals.

All harps have a five year warranty against any defects of material and workmanship.

Upon receipt of the deposit I will send you a card of acknowledgement with an indication of when to expect completion; generally 14-16 weeks. When the harp is complete I will send you another card. I encourage you to come to my shop to pick the harp up. Harps are difficult to ship especially large ones and it will be a chance to meet the builder, see my shop and enjoy the Blue Ridge mountains.

If you have any questions please call 540 586-6319 or write.

Prices: without sharping levers

23 String Travel...........$950 add 5% tax in Virginia

30 String Celtic with matching detachable stand and eight Loveland sharping levers on Cs and Fs (additional levers $15 each installed or for additional cost I can install Truitt levers).....$1900

32 String Mid-Size......$2500
36 String Full-size.......$2800

Stave Back ..............adds $200

Laminated neck and pillor (includes cost of more expensive woods like curly, birdseye and some exotics).....adds $300

Loveland sharpening levers.......$15 each (installed) $540 for a full set of 36 levers
Truitt sharpening levers .............$25 each
(Specify round or heart headed handle )

Electronic Tuner.........................$20

Harp pick-up.


You will need to order a case (see below) if you'd like me to ship either the 32 or 36 string harp. I can ship the 30 string without a case. The cost of shipping varies according to where you live and the size of the harp. I'll try to give you an estimate ahead of time.


If you are interested in cases for an ordered harp, contact either Colorado Case or Coon Hollow Case (they make my custom hammered dulcimer cases) . If you order a case, have it shipped to me. I would then use that case to ship your harp via UPS.

Look forward to hearing from you

If you lost the string gauge chart for your harp, you can download it here.