30 String Celtic Folk Harps

This 30 String Celtic is meant to be a small portable harp with a detachable stand. Because of its size and weight it is easily transportable yet still does not sacrifice range or tone. The 30 String Celtic Harp is 13" wide at base of soundboard, 26" wide and 39 1/2" high with weight of 15 lbs without sharping levers or the weight and height of the detachable stand. The stand adds 9 1/2" of height. The pictured harp is typical of the base price 30 String Celtic. It has a cherry frame, neck and pillor with a redwood soundboard and sycamore trim. There are other wood options within the base price: walnut, spruce soundboards and of course any wood you want for trim and soundboard rib. Use of other woods may increase the cost of the harp. Contact me if you have some special wood combination in mind.

Cherry Harp with stand attached.

Harp without stand

Harp stand. Is attached with just one screw-in knob from bottom

Example of a Walnut 30 String Celtic with Spruce soundboard

This is an example of a 30 String Celtic which has custom features which of course make it considerably more expensive. It has the same detachable stand, a birdseye stave back, laminated birdseye neck and pillor, spruce soundboard, ebony trim and flow through neck treatment which costs extra on this particular model. The price of above harp with Loveland levers on the Cs and Fs would be $2450