James Jones Student Hammered Dulcimers

A Student 15/14 with 1" string spacing. Laminated Finnish Birch soundboard with walnut frame and bridges.

Student dulcimers are an economic alternative to my more expensive Custom instruments. They are identical in layout to my Custom models. Student models are available in 16/15,15/14, 3/13/12. 13/12, or 12/11 sizes. String spacing can be either 7/8" or 1" with your choice of either walnut or cherry frame and matching bridges. Soundboard and back are the blond Finnish birch laminate. At the base price the soundboard would be left the natural blond. For an extra $75 you can have the soundboard made black. If that is your choice you will want to go with a Cherry frame and matching bridges. Walnut just doesn't look great againest the black.

If you'd like to personalize your Student Model, I can install a custom sound hole design for an extra $75. For instruments with custom sound hole designs, I have to build from scratch. I can't install a sound hole design in finished instruments.

An economically priced scissors stand can be shipped inside the same box with the dulcimer to save you some money. I have them in stand up or sit down versions.

I also offer Student Models for my Small Linear Chromatic and both models of Tsimbls

My trade-in policy applies to any instrument Student or Custom. 75% of what you paid for any instrument and its case can be applied to larger Custom instruments later. There are no time limits on that policy. Your investment is secure.

15/14 Student with laminated birch made black with cherry frame and bridges
Detail of 15/14 Student with black soundboard with cherry frame and bridges