Featured Musicians
One of the major reasons I make instruments is the joy that comes from seeing and hearing good music flow from those collections of wood and strings. This section features some of the artists who are currently playing my instruments and making this wonderful music. I hope you will support these artists with your purchases of their CDs or by hiring them for performances, festivals or whatever. Click on their names and you'll be whisked away to their web sites. If you are a player of a James Jones Instrument and have a web page and would like to be listed on this page, please contact me.
Music made on James Jones Instruments
If you've made a recording using one of my instruments, please email that recording to me. If you are trying to earn some money from your music, you are welcome to just send a portion of the tune with links to where your work can be purchased. If you are an amateur, you are still welcome and encouraged to send material. All material will be posted on my SoundCloud playlist. Jem and Steve are already represented. This is a public arena for sharing what you are doing with my instruments.
Jem Moore
7/18/8 Custom Hammered Dulcimer

Steve Schneider - Bloomfield Hills , MI
3/16/18/9 Hammered Dulcimer

Carrie Crompton - Andover, CT
3/16/18/9 Hammered Dulcimer

Cliff Cole - Quakertown, PA
2/16/18/7 Hammered Dulcimer

Matthew Abelson - Cleveland Heights, OH
3/16/18/9 Hammered Dulcimer

Chris Peterson - Yorba Linda, CA
3/16/15/6 Hammered Dulcimer

Chris has a great little section on his web site on what to look for when you buy a hammered dulcimer. Lots of good information.

Pete Marshall with the group
Mando Mafia
Charlottesville, VA

Hobart Collins with the group Finnegan Ridge
Bozeman, MT

Scott Williams - CA

3/16/18/9 Hammered Dulcimer

Stan Ranson
(The Connecticut Peddler)
Plattsburg, NY
3/16/18/9 Hammered Dulcimer

Tom Mackenzie - Adamant, VT
3/16/15/8 Hammered Dulcimer

Bart Saylor - Charleston, SC
3/16/18/9 Hammered Dulcimer
Greg Anderson with Scrod Pudding
Bowdoin, Maine
3/16/18/9 Hammered Dulcimer

Glenn McClure - Geneseo, NY
3/16/18/9 Hammered Dulcimer
Wes Chappell with the group
No Strings Attached
4/21/19/9 Hammered Dulcimer
Tim Sauls
and Becky Barlow
15/14 Hammered Dulcimer
with the grou
p Celtibillies
Roanoke, VA
Alanna Berger with the group Clannamore
Harrisburg , Pennsylvania
3/16/18/9 Hammered Dulcimer
Beverly Woods - New Hampshire
Tsimbl and Linear Chromatic Hammered Dulcimer
David Moran - Richardson, TX
3/16/18/9 Hammered Dulcimer

Tim Summers - with the group Beggars' Circus - Troutville, VA
Dan Landrum - Chattanooga,TN
Linear Chromatic Hammered Dulcimer
Naryan Padmanabha with the group Omkara, East Amherst, NY
15/14 Hammered Dulcimer
Rick Davis, Chattanooga, TN
3/16/18/9 and3/16/15/6 Hammered Dulcimer
Georgia Bernoudy, Butte Valley, CA
3/16/18/9 Hammered Dulcimer
Andy Alexis, Sacramento, CA
2/17/19/8 Hammered Dulcimer

Andy plays banjo, hammered dulcimer and sings lead vocals with the band The Piney Creek Weasels

Bea Romano, Downey, CA
3/16/15/6 Hammered Dulcimer

Bea, besides other accomplishments, appears with her instrument on the Extended Special Edition Lord of the Rings Two Towers DVD . (4th CD of the set).

Stu Janis, St Paul, Minnesota

16/16 Tsimbl

Judith Lynne Dunlore, Halcyon, CA

3/16/18/9 Hammered Dulcimer

Deborah Justice, Bloomington, IN

3/16/18/8 Hammered Dulcimer

Burr Beard, Emmaus, PA with Devilish Merry

3/16/18/9 Hammered Dulcimer

Tim Seaman, Williamsburg, VA

Alto Bowed Psaltery and Zither

Alice Freeman, Laramie, WY

3/16/15/8 Hammered Dulcimer

Bob Mallalieu and the Wayfarers & Co

3/16/18/9 Hammered Dulcimer

Bill Donaldson and the Shadow Mountain String Band

3/16/18/9 Hammered Dulcimer

Victoria Johnson

3/16/18/9 Hammered Dulcimer

Glen Schmidt with the band Kilkenny Road, Bartlesville, OK

3/16/18/9 Hammered Dulcimer

Patti Black and Jean Wibbens with the band Riddle On the Harp, Bedford, VA

15/14 Hammered Dulcimer, Bowed Psaltery and 30 String Celtic Harp
Margaret Noble, Sound Artist

Alto Bowed Psaltery

Mark Baynes , Kernersville, NC

3/16/18/9 Hammered Dulcimer

John McCutcheon


Matthew Coley

Four Octave Bowed Psaltery

Ignat Karmalito - Moscow, Russia

18/17 Tsimbl

Chris and Jamie Burns - San Diego, CA

3/16/18/9 Hammered Dulcimer

Otrebor/Botanist - San Francisco, CA

Three Electric 7/19/18/9 Linear Chromatics

Dave Reber - Allentown, PA

3/16/20/10 Hammered Dulcimer

Stanley Widener - North Carolina

with the group Naomi's Fancy

Irish Bouzouki

Leah Kenton-McGaha - Central Oklahoma

with the group The Counterfeit Bards

15/14 Hammered Dulcimer

Gary Barten - Santa Fe, NM

10/19/18/8 Linear Chromatic

Alto Bowed Psaltery

Thumb Pianos


Randy Kochel - Lancaster, PA

3/16/18/8 Hammered Dulcimer

with the group The Rizzeta's Tones

Jim Plitt - Virginia

4/18/18/9 Hammered Dulcimer

with the group Confluence

John Whitacre - Ohio


The Rampant Mandolin


Nathan Davis - Composer - New York

3/16/15/8 Travel Hammered Dulcimer

Ryan Dunne - Virginia