James Jones Baritone Three Octave Bowed Psaltery
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This Baritone has Walnut back, sides and sound hole rim. The soundboard is cedar. It has a custom Celtic sound hole design.

Sound Clip of the James Jones Baritone Three Octave Bowed Psaltery

Pictured above is an example of my largest bowed psaltery which has a three octave range from C6 - C3 (C4 is middle C) There are 37 strings. If you want bottom end in a psaltery, this is the instrument for you. The major drawback is size and weight. The dimensions are 11" X 31" X 3 1/4"with the weight being 5 lbs.

I build this size psaltery to your preferences which includes your choice of woods as well as a custom sound hole design much like the options for my hammered dulcimers. Please visit my Custom Page to get details on ordering this psaltery. Future instruments will be listed in Current Stock when they become available.