James Jones Baritone Three Octave Bowed Psaltery
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This Baritone has Walnut back, sides and sound hole rim. The soundboard is cedar. It has a custom Celtic sound hole design.

Pictured above is an example of my largest bowed psaltery which has a three octave range from C6 - C3 (C4 is middle C) There are 37 strings. If you want bottom end in a psaltery, this is the instrument for you. The major drawback is size and weight. The dimensions are 11" X 31" X 3 1/4"with the weight being 5 lbs.

I build this size psaltery to your preferences. Please visit my Custom Page to get details on ordering. The one pictured above is for sale. It's price would be $615 plus shipping since it has a custom sound hole. I don't have a case available. Future instruments will be listed in Current Stock when they become available.



Sound Clip of the James Jones Baritone Three Octave Bowed Psaltery