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If you'd like to have me build an instrument with exactly the woods and characteristics you'd like, please review the wood possibilities and send me your ideas. The price of Custom designs will be determined by your choices (see the list below). I can do custom soundholes in these instruments like my hammered dulcimer soundholes. The only designs I will repeat are Celtic. I have a number of those to choose from. You are also welcome to generate one of your own designs making your psaltery truely unique. There are a few examples of those below. I offer an internal pickup as well. Although I can do Custom Sopranos, most people order Custom Altos which have a greater range. The tone of the Custom Psalteries for the most part is no different than my standard bowed psalteries. Ordering a Custom Bowed Psaltery gets you unique personal visual aesthetics.

The following list will give you an idea of approximately what your choices might cost.

  • Custom Alto base price - $295

  • Figured or exotic woods on back and sides - $75

  • Figured or exotic woods for soundboard - $35

  • Custom soundhole design - $75

  • Painted or stained soundboard - $45

  • Abalone rim around sound hole design - $75

  • Internal pickup - $75

  • Left handed orientation (No extra charge)

Email to get an exact quote plus shipping.

To start an order, all I need is a $
200 deposit with the balance due upon completion of the instrument.
Allow 2-3 weeks to get your psaltery.

Examples of Custom Bowed Psalteries

The Custom Psaltery below has both Curly and Birdseye Maple. It is a looker but having a hardwood soundboard isn't optimal for sound quality.