Bowed Psalteries - Current Stock

I make two sizes of bowed psalteries; the Soprano and Alto. Click on the links below to see photos of what I currently have available.
Note: Many of the instruments pictured are not strung up. I often don't install pins and strings until the psaltery is ordered. I also have a presence on ebay and etsy. If you want to discuss purchase of instruments through my web site, please email me directlly not through ebay or etsy. Thanks

All instruments for the price come with:

  • An owner's manual
  • Tuning and string gauge chart
  • Horsehair bow
  • Rosin
  • Extra wire
  • Quality Tuning Wrench

Custom Bowed Psaltery

If you don't see the exact psaltery you'd like, I can make either size psaltery custom in your choice of woods. I can also make them left handed at no extra charge. If you have me build a custom instrument using my sound holes designs (the star or comet) or just a simple circular hole, the cost is the same as I normally charge. I also can build quite fancy instruments with custom sound hole designs. Custom sound hole designs add an extra $75 to the base price. Custom instruments usually take 2-3 weeks. Send me an email if you have a notion you'd like an individualized Custom Bowed Psaltery. You can see examples of Custom instruments here.