Welcome to my blog. I will be using this blog, my newsletter, and my facebook page to provide information related to my business, instruments, and making music. I hope you are able to find information that is helpful.

Please contact me if you have any questions. With the help of computers and the Web, information is now easy to obtain but choices still have to be made and sometimes it’s nice to be able to get personal help. Please feel free to give me a telephone call (540 586-6319) if you’d like to talk; old fashioned but effective. The line goes to my home and shop so don’t be surprised if my wife Karen answers the phone.

If you join my mailing list (you can sign up on my website), you will get information sent directly to you. I promise not to be pest and won’t be passing the list on to anyone else. I try to include useful information in the newsletter that might help you in your pursuit of music.

Thanks for stopping by.  James


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