Cutting and Cheese Boards,

Handwoven Potholders

These unique combinations of local and exotic hardwoods are great for cutting and presenting food. Each board is crafted in my shop. You can select individual boards here.

or my wife's handwoven potholders here


Welcome to my showroom!
I have been building handcrafted musical instruments since 1978 in rural Bedford, Virginia. Working alone in a wood shop I designed and built, I have developed designs for ten different acoustic instruments. I am constantly working on research and development, sometimes alone, sometimes in collaboration with customers and professional musicians. I am always striving to build better quality instruments and am never content with the status quo. No assembly lines, just a lot of individual attention from start to finish. I can work with you to individualize your instrument or provide you with one I have created. I try to keep my prices affordable so music can be a part of the lives of more people.

In our increasingly materialistic world it is nice to know that music remains one of the few mediums that only exists if you decide to play. Its effect resides within both the player and the listener. I am grateful to be part of that process.

I hope you all continue to have a life full of music, learning and fun. Let me know if I can facilitate that in any way.